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          Folic acid

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          Chinese alias 2-amino-6-((p-((1,3-dicarboxypropyl)carbamoyl)anilino)methyl)-4-pteridinol; acifolic; Vitamin B; Vitamin B11; Vitamin BC; cytofol; folacid; folacin; folbal; folcysteine; folettes; foliamin; folipac; f

          Yellow or orange-yellow crystalline powder.

          Structural formula
          CAS NO. 59-30-3
          EINECS 200-419-0
          Molecular formula
          Molecular Weight 439.3827
          Melting point (℃) --
          Boiling range --

          Anti-anemia drug for symptomatic or nutritional giant cell anemia.

          Physicochemical properties

          Yellow or orange-yellow crystalline powder. Odorless and tasteless. Heated to about 250 ℃, deep color gradient, and finally to black gum. Easily soluble in water and ethanol. Slightly soluble in methanol. Soluble in acidic or alkaline solution.